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Goals & Objectives

While the goals & objectives of the company include:

  • Providing its clients with services & products at the highest quality in several disciplines & fields focusing on the firefighting, alarm, security & pump fields.
  • Promoting the personal, social and career growth of its employees in a proactive manner to prepare them and qualify them for being the best in their careers & professions.
  • Adding knowledge through discovery and research in full cooperation with leading companies in our chosen fields.
  • Contributing to the culture, social and economic progress through responsiveness and effective engagement and collaborations with public and private organizations nationwide & global wide.

Guiding Priorities

A Major & comprehensive company: Burien Fire Fighting offers Variety of Pumping Solutions & in the field of firefighting & Water Applications.

  • Client Success: the company is committed to its clients success within an economic rich environment.
  • Emphasis on Quality: The standard of the company’s practice is designed to offer and evaluate the effectiveness & practicality of all the services & products offered by the company.
  • Supportive: The company emphasis the services & products provided by training & maintenance period to ensure the client gets the most of the services & products supplied.
  • Global Vision: Our Company takes pride in being part of the international by joint venture with companies from different parts of the globe.
  • Research Intensive: the company is making strident moves to establish itself nationally & internationally by intensive research for the newest technologies in its field.
  • Engagement With The Community: the company plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE by introducing the most advanced technologies in affordable competitive prices.

Safety Policy

Burien Fire Fighting System is committed to emphasize on the education, interest and awareness of new employees in safety concepts in a safe environment before the assumption of duty.

Ensure that the organization’s environment, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of work to prevent risks to health or safety.

Just as we are keen for our client’s safety, our employees have to be provided by the safest working environment including a spacious atmosphere, excellent ventilation, pest control…etc.