Letter from the CEO 2017-08-03T07:57:05+00:00

BURIEN Fire Fighting Systems co LLC has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past three years as we’ve pursued our vision to become the UAE’s leading Pumps solution provider. But one of the most profound changes over this time has been the richer understanding of and deeper commitment to sustainability that has come into focus as we have refined our views of what it means to be a leader.

Today, as a result, we are increasingly adapting Burien strategies, operations and culture to drive positive results across what sustainability experts call the Triple Bottom Line, expressed as “People. Planet. Profit.”

This commitment to managing our total impact as an enterprise is stronger than ever at BURIEN. Indeed, many of the most important opportunities to grow our company lie in solving key sustainability challenges—a reality that is making sustainability a competitive imperative in our industry. We also know that it is what our Customers expect from a leading company.

This Company Profile provides examples of our commitment across a broad range of key areas, from Fire pump Solutions to pumps for water sector, along with engineering components etc.., diversity and inclusion, and community involvement.

Eng. Mamoun Ali Al-Burieni
General Manager